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Why AccountScout?

AccountScout is the nerve center of publishing companies by making it effortless to share information within your team. We make it easy to communicate order information across your sales, accounting, and production departments.

Driven by your data, AccountScout's reporting capabilities always give you access to crucial information about your business. Whether it's information on your advertisers, sales goals, financial performance, ad histories, or anything else in your business, AccountScout's reports allow for each user to have the data they need.

AccountScout Links All of Your Departments

Runs in the Cloud, On Premise, or Both

  • Flexible architecture to meet your needs.

  • Run AccountScout fully in the cloud, on premise, or a hybrid of the two.

Enjoy an Amazing User Experience

  • Open multiple orders, customers, and reports all at once.

  • AccountScout supports multiple monitors to increase efficiencies.

  • Users can customize their screen layouts with movable panes.

AccountScout is Developed with the Highest Quality

  • Built 100% internally from the ground up using rock solid technologies.

  • We continually reinvest in AccountScout by adding new functionality delivered in frequent upgrades.

  • Written in the latest programming languages to keep you current with technology.

  • Uses SQL Server or MySQL database to provide the power to easily handle as many users as you may need.

Reporting - Over 200 Powerful Reports

We believe that reporting is one of the most important aspects of a software product.

AccountScout contains over 200 reports built and fine-tuned with the suggestions of our publishers and users.

Filter the Report Data the Way You Want It

The reports contain various "data filters" that can be applied to the report allowing for a virtually unlimited number of ways to analyze your data.

  • For example, an aging report can be filtered to include only advertisers assigned to a particular sales rep.

  • In other cases, you might want to filter a sales report to include only retail ads for a given sales rep in a set of publications.

  • The choices are limited only by your imagination!

Customize and Tailor to Fit Your Needs

  • Choose a report color scheme that matches your taste.

  • The reports are all displayed on screen within AccountScout.

  • Open as many reports as you like, all at once!

  • The reports can be exported to PDF, Excel and Word.

  • The reports are fast - even those that are hundreds of pages!

  • Statements and Invoices include an Email button to email a PDF attachment to each advertiser.

  • Easily set filters just by clicking on the data that you want to see in the report. For example, publications, sales reps, and advertisers.

  • Options to "show details" or summaries.

  • Print only the pages in the report that you need.

What AccountScout Users Have to Say...

Fake Brains Surpasses the Others!

Fake Brains has surpassed all of the others we have worked with, as their team understands the meaning of partnership, and their products deliver at speed for a price that makes the others seemingly laughable. Morris Technology, Jim Goodlett, President

Captured Thousands in Lost Revenue

In addition to increasing our staff's efficiency, AccountScout has allowed us to capture thousands of dollars in classified revenue that previously was lost. The Fake Brains support staff is EXCELLENT! - Estes Park News, Andrew

AccountScout Allows us to Focus on Our Sales

We have newspapers in multiple cities and share our software centrally. Adding a new paper was simple. The infrastructure AccountScout provided allowed us to launch a new paper in another community with simple management, so we could focus on our sales. Telluride Planet & Moab Sun News, Andrew Mirrington, Publisher