Is Your Software Holding You Back?

Is Your Software Holding You Back?

 By Patrick Pfeifer

August, 13th 2018



Here at Fake Brains, we use AccountScout for our own internal billing and accounts receivables along with QuickBooks for payroll, accounts payable and the general ledger.


The other day I was walking by the desk of our bookkeeper and she had her phone out with a picture of a QuickBooks screen.


After asking what she was doing, she said that she needed to see an existing Vendor Bill to use as a template for creating another one, which was similar in content.  She went on to explain how QuickBooks only lets you have one screen open at a time.  Being the twenty-something that she is, she used her ingenuity to take a picture of the completed vendor bill and held her phone up to her computer so that she could see it while creating a copy of the bill for a future date.



In AccountScout, virtually every screen can be opened multiple times, even if it’s the same invoice, advertiser, order, report, or whatever you need to view to compare, side by side.


QuickBooks, a software used by thousands, may be holding your business back.  We recognized that it was holding our business back. Because of this, we try to do everything we can in AccountScout. This helps us create a great product that we love to use.


Do you use MailChimp? MailChimp has one of the most terrible, if not the worst, UI’s I have ever seen by a company. How could a company so large have such a limiting user experience? If you are like us at Fake Brains, we’re trying to send more and more emails to our prospects, but find we are limited by MailChimp. The easiest part is creating the email content, the hardest part is getting the proper list and tracking the results.


Like I said above, Fake Brains wants to use AccountScout to the max without duplicating data in two places and increase the staff efforts to keep one list active. We are implementing and testing a new feature to integrate MailChimp into AccountScout.    Now rather than importing CSV lists into MailChimp, anyone can “slice and dice” the email lists directly within AccountScout which is linked to MailChimp.  For example, sending an email to those advertisers that may have “dropped off” and are dormant can be managed from AccountScout. The advertisers can be displayed in AccountScout and imported directly into a new MailChimp Subscriber List and Segment, without even opening MailChimp!


We have discovered that sending an email campaign is only part of the work that needs to be performed.  After the campaign is sent, typically the “marketing expert” that sent it may check every few days to see the results.  There can be a disconnect in getting those results back to the sales team to call on any new leads. That’s why we are making a tool within AccountScout to check email campaign results, circumventing a cumbersome interface that your staff would otherwise have to learn. We want to help everyone, including ourselves, improve our outreach and increase revenue. Email marketing is an effective form of digital marketing, so everyone should take advantage of this opportunity.


If you do not use a program that communicates with MailChimp or other email marketing providers, your current newspaper and media software may be limiting your potential.